Connecticut Medicaid/CHIP Programs

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  • Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program
  • Connecticut Medicaid
  • Connecticut State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) / CHOICES
  • ConnPACE

    ConnPACE is an outstanding service that that helps eligible senior citizens and people with disabilities afford the cost of most prescription medicines as well as insulin and insulin syringes.

  • Husky Health Plan A

    The HUSKY Plan offers a full health insurance package for children and teenagers up to age 19, regardless of family income. HUSKY pays for doctor visits, prescriptions, vision and dental care, and much more. HUSKY Plus offers additional services for children with special physical health care needs, while mental health and substance abuse treatment services are available through the Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership. When your child is enrolled in HUSKY, you'll choose doctors and other medical providers participating in one of our member health plans. For most families, HUSKY is low-cost or free. But even families with high incomes can get HUSKY health care for children at a group rate. HUSKY is now serving over 230, 000 children and teens in Connecticut's working families--keeping kids healthy and helping the family budget. HUSKY can also provide health coverage for parents, relative caregivers and pregnant women, depending on income.