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Kick-Off 'Back-To-School' the Healthy Way with Concentra

April 12, 2012

ADDISON, Texas,–– As parents ready their children to head back to school, the coming days are filled with time–consuming tasks from tracking down the latest fashions to gathering the necessary school supplies. This year, one back–to–school task just got easier with quick and convenient sports and school physicals from Concentra, for only $25.

Concentra, which operates more than 320 locations across the country, offers routine physical exams for students returning to school and engaging in any school or sports–related activity. A typical physical includes a measurement of height and weight, a review of health and immunization history, a simple exam to determine if a child or teen is fit to participate in physical activities, and assistance with any required paperwork. Copies of the paperwork for physicals can be sent to a student's primary care provider, with patient permission.

"Getting ready to go back to school can be a busy time for parents, so we want the process of an annual physical to be as effortless as possible," said Nate Newsome, M.D., National Medical Director of Urgent Care for Concentra. "By getting all the proper health requirements and completed paperwork, parents have one less thing to worry about before school, while still ensuring the long–term health of students."

In many states, students are required to meet certain vaccination requirements before starting the school year, and must show completed documentation in the first few days of school. Concentra stocks many common vaccines and can help to keep children up–to–date on immunizations at a low–cost. With multiple locations, many with evening and weekend hours, Concentra can keep the kids up–to–date and ready for school without the wait.

No matter how much you plan and prepare, children will always have accidents—whether at home or play. Concentra can treat them faster and in less time than the ER. Concentra offers treatment for a wide range of injuries and illnesses, including broken bones, lacerations and infections, and minor burns, as well as treatment for routine health issues such as colds and allergies. To learn more about all of Concentra's services, including back–to–school physicals, visit www.Concentra.com

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