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American Health Care is the leading integrator of pharmacy benefit management (PBM), clinical pharmacy management (CPM), and disease and wellness management (DWM) in the nation:

PBM services integrate medical, laboratory, and pharmacy information to provide a multi-faceted picture of a patient's medical status, and there is a nationwide network of pharmacies contracted at rates that are competitive at the national level.

American Health Care is committed to providing proactive CPM to positively impact the drug prescribing patterns of physicians and the drug utilization by plan members/patients. The by-products of such focused attention are improved health outcomes and decreased medical and pharmacy cost.

American Health Care is the champion of holistic patient care, aligning its internal and external resources to place what is best for the patient at the center of drug therapy decisions. DWM protocols or other therapeutic options must conform to the unique medical complexities of each patient.

As a provider of unbiased pharmacotherapy information, American Health Care is known for its integrity, ethics, and dedication to science. In its passionate pursuit of excellence, American Health Care is a recognized innovator of products, processes, and tools that result in better care for patients through advanced data integration technologies, clinical pharmacy, and disease/health management.

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