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Bonita Springs, FL 3135


Cynthia Tantum, Director of Marketing

Phone: (609) 256-0163

Fax: (239) 221-3646



BeneCard PBF delivers accountable drug benefit management that provides accessible, affordable, tailored solutions in the best interests of both our clients and members.

As a prescription benefit facilitator, we are pharmacist-owned and operated and currently the only offering in the market that remains completely independent. Our focus is on member benefit rather than shareholder value. We have complete control and flexibility to manage our clinical programs according to our clients' goals and can guarantee complete transparency by offering pass-through contracting.

Our state-of-the-art claim system centralizes all available medical information for each member, which in turn supports a complete and comprehensive analysis, reducing prescription errors and minimizing waste. BeneCard PBF is focused on providing innovative products and services that improve the patient experience, deliver better health outcomes, and reduce plan spend.

BeneCard PBF believes in keeping patients and plan sponsors Always First. Our pay-for-performance model offers guaranteed savings driven by a clinically focused approach. Plan sponsors often see a 20% reduction in costs during their first year with BeneCard PBF compared to their prior PBM.

With BeneCard PBF plan sponsors receive 100% of rebates passed along from drug manufacturers, immediate pass through of improved network rates, and full disclosure of supply chain discounts.

BeneCard PBF's number one priority is to improve outcomes on behalf of our clients. We have proven our model by working with our clients to consistently deliver industry-leading trend year after year.

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