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Maxor originated in 1926 as a single downtown pharmacy located in the Fisk Building. Its name derived from those of its founders, Howard Guy Maxfield and Samuel Orr. Maxfield and Orr sold their company in 1934 to Roy Pool. In 1966 Jerry H. Hodge, R.Ph., purchased the pharmacy. Under Hodge's leadership, the company developed into an employee-driven, national pharmacy and healthcare service organization. Maxor is the oldest continuous pharmacy operation in the 26-county Texas Panhandle, and one of the oldest in Texas. Maxor's corporate office is located in Amarillo, Texas with regional offices in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, and South Texas.

By the late 1960s, Maxor became the leading provider of long-term care pharmacy services in the Panhandle region of Texas and was among the first Texas pharmacies to provide unit dose dispensing. The evolution of managed care led Maxor into new and developing areas of outpatient pharmacy services, including managed care pharmacy operations, capitated pharmacy benefit management, ancillary benefit management and specialty injectables services.

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