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The NPS network connects prescription plans to over 63,500 pharmacies around the country through a state-of-the-art digital network. All of the pharmacies in the network are contracted to provide a fair price for each prescription drug on the market. This national network enables us to track and manage claim activity in numerous ways, empowering health plans as well as individuals to regain control of pharmaceutical healthcare.

Plans in the network also enjoy web browser technologies that allow them to view, edit and confirm member enrollment, plan information, and find network provider sites. They visit the NPS site for information on new products, updates about therapies, and to view newly approved indications for existing products. Our nationally recognized Pharmacy SmartCard? concept is a key factor in our success of designing solutions to meet individual needs.

Ultimately, the NPS customized solution has proven to be more effective in reducing the cost of pharmaceutical care and eliminating confusion and inefficiencies, resulting in the best possible use of healthcare dollars in providing for the needs of the end user.

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