Bridges to Access


Bridges to Access is GlaxoSmithKline's patient assistance program for non-oncology medicines. Bridges to Access provides GSK prescription medicines to eligible low-income patients without prescription drug benefits.
Contact Information
1-(866) 728-4368 (phone)
How to Apply:
Select one of the links below to download the application or go to the program site for more information on how to apply. Once you fill out your application, send it to the address on the application. Do NOT send it to RxResource.
Other Information:
Bridges to Access is GlaxoSmithKline's patient assistance program which provides eligible low income patients who do not have prescription drug benefits access to GSK's non-oncology medicines. Individuals who qualify for Bridges to Access receive GSK medicine at no cost through a mail order pharmacy. Most GSK prescription products marketed for use in an outpatient setting are included. Medicines that are provided through a retail pharmacy have a small co-pay; products sent through mail order have no co-pay.
Product(s) covered by program:
  • Advair® Diskus
  • Advair® HFA
  • Altabax™
  • Arixtra®
  • Avandamet®
  • Avandaryl®
  • Avandia®
  • Avodart®
  • Bactroban Cream®
  • Bactroban Nasal®
  • Bactroban Ointment®
  • Beconase AQ®
  • Combivir®
  • Coreg CR®
  • DynaCirc CR®
  • Epivir-HBV®
  • Evoclin® Foam
  • Extina® Foam
  • Flovent® Diskus
  • Flovent® HFA w/dosage counter
  • Horizant™
  • InnoPran XL®
  • Jalyn™
  • Lamictal®
  • Lamictal® XR
  • Lanoxin®
  • Lovaza®
  • Luxiq® Foam
  • Malarone®
  • Mepron®
  • Olux® Foam
  • Olux-E® Foam
  • Parnate®
  • Relenza®
  • Requip® XL™
  • Rythmol® SR
  • Serevent Diskus®
  • Soriatane®
  • Treximet™
  • Ventolin® HFA
  • Veramyst® Nasal Spray
  • Verdeso® Foam
  • VESIcare®