CareFirst for CF

Axcan Pharma, Inc.

Contact Information
Attn: Customer Service
22 Inverness Center Pkwy
Birmingham, AL 35242
1-(800) 472-2634 (phone)
1-(205) 991-8426 (fax)
For infants under 3 years of age with Cystic Fibrosis
Other Information:
When refill is required, patient or physician must call CF Svcs Pharmacy. Patient will also receive at the time of enrollment a copy of the book Cystic Fibrosis: A Guide for Patient and Family by David M Orenstein. After the age of 3 yrs, patient should enroll in the Comprehensive Care Program for CF.
Product(s) covered by program:
  • ADEKs
  • Ultrase®
  • Ultrase® MT