ConnPACE is an outstanding service that that helps eligible senior citizens and people with disabilities afford the cost of most prescription medicines as well as insulin and insulin syringes.
Contact Information
P.O. Box 5011
Hartford, CT 06102
1-(800) 423-5026 (phone)
How to Apply:
Select one of the links below to download the application or go to the program site for more information on how to apply. Once you fill out your application, send it to the address on the application. Do NOT send it to RxResource.
- patient must have lived in Connecticut at least 6 months immediately before applying for ConnPACE - patients must be at least 64 years old or disabled and over 18 years old
Other Information:
Write a check or money order payable to ConnPACE for $30. If both you and your spouse are applying, write two separate checks or submit two separate money orders for $30 each.